Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Saturday, July 25th
Yoga 1 hr

By Friday, I was almost 2 lbs into phase two.

Thursday, July 23rd
Bike 30 min
Elliptical 30 min

Reading: Harry Potter's Chamber of Secret

Phase 2 of weight loss program started today.

Wednesday, July 22nd

Elliptical 7 min
Bike 38 min

Reading: Harry Potter's Deathly Hollow

10 lbs lost attained!

Tuesday, July 21st

Elliptical 30 min
Treadmill 15 min

Reading: Harry Potter's Deathly Hollow

1 lb to go!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ok scale has started to move

Ok Time to catch up blog

Latest weigh-in has me down 3-4 lbs

Sat. July 18

Power walk on treadmill 10 min
Bench press 3 x 10
Tricep machine 2 x 9
Cable crossover 2 x 10
Up-right row 3 x 10

Fri. July 17

Bike to and from Rec
Jog for 15 min

Wed. July 15

Bike to and from Rec

One armed row 3 x 12
lat pull down 3 x 10
crucnh machine 2 x 16

Tuesday July 14

Bike to and from Rec

Squats 3 x 10
Leg press 2 x 9
Leg extention 2 x 12
Hamstring curl 2 x 10
Calf raise 3 x 12

Mon. July 13

Bike to and from Rec

Power wog 10 min
Bicep curl 5 x 10

Saturday July 11

Bike to and from Rec
Bike to and from Aarons

Bence press 5 x 10
tricep machine 1 x 10
Cable crossover 2 x 12
crunch machine 2 x 16

July 17

Bik to and from Rec

In Business

Found a good excuse to not around the house! I had blast cleaning, vacuuming, and mopping every other day. LOL!

Also, I am up to in eight pounds of weight lost.

Saturday, July 18th
Yoga 1 hr

Friday, July 17th

Bike 30 min
Treadmill 15 min

Still reading: Harry Potter, the Half-Blood Prince

Wednesday, July 15th
Elliptical 30 min
Treadmill 15 min
3 x 10 bicep curl
3 x 10 tricep extension
3 x 10 leg curl
3 x 10 leg extension

Reading: Harry Potter, the Half-Blood Prince [part of birthday presents from two adorable (surrogate) sisters and brother-in-law two years ago]

Monday, July 13th

Elliptical 30 min
Bike 10 min
3 x 10 shoulder press
3 x 10 vertical row

Reading: How To Clean Practically Anything[LOL! It's a practical book, I tell you]

Saturday, July 11, 2009

That Last Post...

...was cute, BF. If only the Governator can do a better job on CA budget, but that's a completely different subject which I have no slight expertise at.

Thursday, July 09th
Baby step again, I felt light headed again, hence the shorter cardio and no weight training. Also, I was running out of time to catch group meeting.

15 min elliptical
10 min bike

Saturday, July 11th
Yoga 1 hr

I'm half way on the challenge. Still gotta remember about the hare and the rabbit. I'm gonna start intensive work out next week. :D

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Governator is coming for Xinda....

Alright haven't seen a post from gf in a while.
I am going to send the Governator Arnie after her to pump up her workout..

Wednesday Jul 8

bike to and from Rec

8 minute power wog
5 x 12 bicep curl
3 x 9 torso twist machine
2 x 15 crunch machine

Monday July 6

Bike to and from rec

10 minute power wog
3 x 10 shoulder cable raise
3 x 10 tricep machine
3 x 12 cable crossover

Sunday July 5
Leg day

8 min power wog
3 x 10 squat machine
2 x 9 leg press
2 x 12 leg extension
2 x 10 hamstring curl
3 x 12 calf raise

Friday July 3

Bike to and from Rec

12 minute wog
3 x 12 one-armed row
3 x 10 lat pull down
3 x 10 back extension

Thursday July 2

Bike to and from Rec

10 minute power wog
4 x 10 bicep curl
3 x 15 crunch machine
3 x 10 torso twist machine

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yeah, I'm Back Too

Since BF has officially announced challenge, the heat is equally on here.

I jump started working out again today after almost a two-week hiatus on the time of the Texas trip and after. Although, we did go workout together at Rec on Monday the 25th. It wasn't an intensive session, but it was better than nothing.

Tuesday, June 30th
Yoga 1 hr
Bike 1/2 hour

Reading: Final reading of The Handbook for Parents for a book review I am doing.

I almost couldn't make it to the end of the yoga session. I had sweat coming out of my forehead, which normally didn't happen on yoga sessions with other trainer. This session wasn't harder than those. Also I yawned several times, in what I'm guessing, is the brain's cry for help for a lack of oxygen. I'm correlating this with my change in diet.

My weight has been going down since Sunday. I've started eating mostly salad and snacking on healthy stuff and fruits instead of the usual high calories Trader Joe's choc-filled cereal and chips. I can see a good sign coming my way. Also, I've stopped the using of a certain topical hair loss treatment. I'm blaming the sudden weight gain partially on it.