Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting sick again?

BF, where's update?

Thursday, March 26th
16 min elliptical
16 min bike

Still sick

Tuesday, March 24th
16 min elliptical
16 min treadmill

Down again with some kind of flu? Fever and runny nose, some headache...finally using a new set of earphone for MP3 player, I can listen to music again while exercising.

Saturday, March 21st
Yoga 1 hr

Monday, March 16, 2009

Back again

BF, where's your update?
As for me...I am discovering my weight fluctuates within three pounds, mostly water retention. I am a targeted weight goal in mind. Let's see if I can reach it whenever you can make it to visit me these days...

Monday, March 16
31 min treadmill
21 min bike

Saturday, March 14
1 hr yoga

Monday, March 9
15 min elliptical
15 min treadmill
15 min bike
3 x 10 shoulder press
3 x 10 vertical row

Saturday, March 7
1 hr yoga

Thursday, March 5
15 min elliptical
15 min bike